Thanks to Walt Disney many of us believe that love and romance only come in frilly, pink and white, pouty-lipped, long-eyelashed forms. Tsk! Forget Walt, this is your wedding, it’s your relationship; your style of romance – do it up how you want to!

Of course, Disney Princesses aren’t the only ones pressuring us to fit inside a box, it’s easy to shrink our personalities down to please anyone. The thing is, real love shines through when people are allowed to truly express themselves on their wedding day, and that is something that should please everyone. But how does one overcome the sensation to stuff themselves into a wedding box? Try these friendly tips!

  1. Be respectful – Doing things out of spite will never make the situation easier. Start by having conversations with those who are pressuring you; try to explain  the why of your decision-making process.
  2. Cut the strings – Weddings are full of situations where people tend to control each other, commonly with financial resources. Is there some compromise that can be made between you and the person who is paying the bills? If not, you may have to painfully ask yourself if it’s worth bringing in the Benjamins when you have to compromise yourself. Is there a creative way that you can pull off the wedding on your own?
  3. Choose your scale – Some people are comfortable with showing off their personality in big ways, but it can also be done ingeniously through the more subtle details of the day. Make a list of all the ways you could add personality and see which ones you are comfortable with. Maybe you want a flashy venue, or perhaps you’d rather spice things up with unique gift favours – there are hundreds of possibilities.
  4. Ask the sounding board – Chat with your closest friends and family to get feedback about how “you” your plans are turning out to be. If they know you well and are honest with you, they will be able to tell you if your wedding day will really be a reflection of who you are.
  5. Remember what’s important – Think about the things that matter and write down a list of priorities that mean the most to you. Is pleasing your mom worth the strain it may put on the relationship down the road? Will the tacky cake-topper he wants really matter to you when you’re walking the aisle? Decide what you can and cannot compromise on so that you are prepared to fight for the right things.

I leave you with proof that personality is beautiful. This wedding we did recently at the Calgary Zoo was by far one of the classiest weddings we’ve done this season – the girls could not stop ooing and aweing at set-up! The theme? Skulls and tattoos. Take a look!


Beautiful hand-drawn table numbers and signage

Black & red satin linen, with black chargers and vases

We love our rosette runners!

Boxes to fill at the candy bar, love the wax seal

Classy head table

Classy head table

Black chair covers with just the right bling

Black chair covers with just the right bling!

Behold… Personality! Beautiful art on the cover of their guest book.

Mm mm mm, what a candy bar!

Congratulations Amanda and Greg, and thanks for a shining example of a gorgeous, personality-filled wedding!