Wedding Apps

Photo and photo idea by Starks Photography

It’s official, we’ve entered the day and age where a bride can use her phone to plan an entire wedding – without calling anyone! This may be enough to give puritans and luddites heart palpitations, but we here at Chair Flair think it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t already checked these out, you may want to give them a try.

Wedding Snap
When we saw this app on Pinterest we all wanted to get married again… Guests download this free app and enter your personal wedding album code. Any photos they take through the app at the wedding are uploaded to your online album! Forget pricey, poor-quality disposable cameras on the tables!

My Wedding DJ
Another way to eliminate costs, and awkwardness! This app uses your personal playlists to DJ for you – your MC simply needs to hit the “next” button to move through each part of your wedding. It eliminates silences between songs and even takes requests.

Wedding Budget
Okay, apps can’t always be fun and pretty, but this one is a must-have. It breaks down costs, keeps track of deposits, final payments, the amount you still have available to spend and more. Plus it’s free… so look, it’s helping you budget already!

Wedding Scan
Don’t we all dream of a gift registry that combines products from any store, anywhere? Now it’s possible… this app lets you scan barcodes at any retailer to create a centralized registry. Can I do this for my birthday??

There are also numerous apps out there for general planning purposes – AppyCouple gives you incredible design choices and a coordinating website, and iWedding Delux (though a bit pricey) is an extremely comprehensive planning tool that helps you plan and keep track of EVERYTHING, we mean everything.

Have you downloaded any wedding apps to help you through your own planning process? Leave us a comment to tell us which ones you are using and if you would recommend them!