Our city has been through the unthinkable in the past few weeks, but the spirit of Calgary is stronger than ever. It is inspiring to say the least, to see people smiling, helping, volunteering, rebuilding and loving each other, instead of focusing on the heartbreak that could so easily overcome us. It has been no different for couples whose wedding plans were interrupted by the rising waters; though their celebrations were affected, many brides and grooms fought against the chaos for the chance to say their vows and celebrate their love amid the storm.

Chair Flair has been proud to work with these couples, who’ve shown nothing but amazing attitudes through everything. During the Friday night of the flood, one of our couples had to change their venue three times in order to carry out their celebration – at which they had many guests coming in from Israel. It was a demonstration that truly showed what a wedding is all about – bringing people together to celebrate relationship.

This is just one of many stories in our city where love beat the storm. Here are some more incredible wedding tales from the flood!

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Amber Adams & Eric Hepler
(Canadian Press)









Christine Bierman and Mickey Cimolai
(Huffington Post Alberta)










The Wakefords
(Calgary Herald)






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