When you are missing a loved one, your wedding day can be filled with mixed emotions. A good place to start is to realize that the one who is missed would no doubt want the day to be happy and special. Thus, it’s important to think about how you will creatively include the person in a way that will be meaningful to you. This used to be confined to things like a bouquet of flowers, a candle or a note in the bulletin (all great ideas), but there are many outside-the-box dedications beginning to appear at weddings today. Here are a few ideas:




Wear their words on your shoes. Was your loved one known for using certain phrases?
Did they have a favorite quote or song? This is a very personal way of knowing they are with
you, without drawing a lot of attention. Photo credit: The Knot









A Memory Heart. What a sweet way to keep their spirit close to you on
your wedding day. It is creative, unique and something blue…
Photo credit: Style me Pretty









A memory chair creates a display that will help everyone to
remember your loved one. It is beautiful and simple to put
together. Photo credit: Mr. and Mrs. Adams





Vintage hankies at your wedding ceremony can be silk screened
or embroidered with a special message or your loved one’s name.
You can carry one yourself, or pass them out as guest favours.
Photo credit: Elle&r Photography






Keep them close to you with this photo reminder
attached to your bouquet (or a groom can keep it in
his pocket). This is a great idea if you have more than one
person you would like to honour during your day.
Photo credit: Morgan Matters Photography




Looking for other ideas? You may consider using one of their favorite songs in your ceremony or during a dance at the reception; you may dedicate your rehearsal dinner to their memory – what was their favorite food? Dessert? Activity? Once you start brainstorming, chances are you will come up with the perfect element to honour the one who is missed, since you know them best.

It’s never easy to think about somebody special who won’t be at the wedding, but it is possible for their spirit to shine through thoughtful and meaningful details – they can be a part of your day that will add to the love that is felt by everyone.