You are probably wondering, “What are the magical ingredients that go into a successful day at Chair Flair?” (You are wondering this, right?)

Well yesterday we busted out our little camera phone so that we could show you! This beautiful wedding at Lynx Ridge Golf Club was a treat to put together. Deep purple and white linens with touches of silver… amazing. So here we go; a day in the life of Chair Flair!

First priority: Secure a good supervisor. Payton takes her job very seriously!

Chair Flair Supervisor Payton

Payton Collins, Supervisor

When Payton tells us to get to work, we unload the trusty silver van. You may not know this, but hauling chair covers is one way to get some killer biceps!

The Pile

Pile o' Linens

Next, we employ the stools of death. When they aren’t randomly losing wheels, they are helping Chair Flairers scoot around the room to tie pretty bows.

Chair Flair Stools

Stools of Death

From there, we build the wedding in stages, starting with the basics and adding layers of prettiness, like so:

Chair covers evenly distributed!


Covers on, time for sash-tying business


Time for pretty things...


We love pretty things!!


We also love folding and tying. Because it makes things pretty.


Voila! One of our favorite sets!

Voila! One of our favorite sets!

Oh and of course, the other secret ingredient: Love. Awwwwwe.

Congrats to our bride & groom at Lynx Ridge this weekend, we know it will be a beautiful day!

Things not shown here: Loading and unloading linens, loading linens again, being poked by pins, falling from stools, racing against the clock, feeding baby while tying sashes, phone calls, texts, more phone calls, organizing people, fabric, decorations, laughing and loving what we do!